New Patreon Rewards

Hey y'all! I've made some changes to my Patreon.


I decided to add monthly AlterSleeves mailings for the $10+ tiers*. The sleeves that are sent out will be random each month, but everyone will get the same sleeves. For example everyone may get this Kaalia Sleeve in October. I will not be take requests for mailing out specific sleeves as this reward is meant to be low stress level for me. As always suggestions for sleeve designs or cards to make a design for are always welcomed!

I added an additional random monthly alter to the Legendary tier. If you sub to the Legendary tier you will receive a total of 2 random alters per month or $100 credit towards a commission. Credit does not roll over each month. Mythic and Legendary sponsorships are the only way to commission alters from Hurley Burley Studio currently. Both Mythic and Legendary sponsorships are limited to 5 patrons each.


I took away the monthly videos. I obviously wasn't able to keep up with filming them. My video processes if I'm able to make any will be mostly posted to TikTok as well as Instagram (stories) and Twitter.

Mentoring Tier for New Alterists

This tier is aimed at newer alterists or alterist who are looking for honest detailed feedback. It will be limited to 15 spots, but may expand in the future if I feel comfortable. Each alterist will be allotted 1 alter to be reviewed by me with full video feedback. I'll upload the alter into ClipStudio and talk about the alter. If the paint looks thick, color matching, detail that was(n't) added, what I like, what I may have done differently.

Additionally this tier grants the 'artist' role in my Discord and a private artist area where y'all can talk to each other without the harsh judgement of the public internet. As well as a public area for all mediums of art to be shared with the public side of the server.