Commander Battle Packs

I'm working on a new product line(?)!


These are going to include at least the following in the pack

  • 1 altered Legendary creature
  • 2 rare or mythic cards
  • 8 uncommon cards
  • 10 common cards

Example of a possible altered commander style. This specific card was a commission. THIS specific alter will NOT be in the packs because it already has a home. <3

The initial launch of Commander Battle Packs will be in a batch of 10 individual packs. There will be periodical restocks. Since I'm relearning how to work with my brain instead of against it, I can not promising a schedule of release times. However, I will be giving a 1 wk and 24 hrs call before launch on my socials so that people know they are coming. 

Not in my Discord yet? -> Here's an invite link!