Commander Battle Pack Drop

Hey there! If you've been following along on social media you've hear about the Commander Battle Packs. If not here's what they are!

1 Altered Legendary Creature
2 Rare/Mythic Cards
8 Uncommon Cards
10 Common Cards

These will be for sale starting TOMORROW for $50 a pack.

What Kind of Alters will be included?

The alters will range from foil vinyl alters to full art replacements! Valued at $25 - $125 commission cost. The packs will be distributed randomly. They are already packed, and since I have a terrible memory and wasn't really paying attention to which pack went into which packaging, there is really really no way for me to pick favorites. 

Where did the random cards come from?

They are from collections that we have bought/traded for in the past. The condition of the cards will range from MP to NM. These point of these cards is to spark creativity to the consumer. The altered cards and the rare/mythics have lived in binders all their lives with me. Where the common/uncommons have been sorted into 5 row boxes. 

How do you choose the cards in the packs?

The cards in the packs are supposed to go with the commander. Now, I'm not the best deck builder in the world and I did not look up lists online. So who knows if it's going to be fantastic picks! It's meant to be fun.

Can I commission a pack?

No. These are going to be made with drop sets only. I really enjoyed working on the alters without there being pressure of them having to come out a certain way. Also, the randomness of how the packs are going out is a big part of these.

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges for the Commander Battle Packs.

Karona, False God is one of the commanders in the packs. This is the only card that has been spoiled from the 10 packs that are going live tomorrow.

I even made these cute little packages for the packs! They're super sealed so there's no peeking!